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 Harley-Davidson Riding Academy

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New Rider Course

Skilled Rider Course

Learn to ride

Satisfy your passion and realize your dreams of cruising down a highway or country road on a motorcycle. Learn to ride a motorcycle this year at Pig Trail Harley-Davidson in Rogers, Arkansas.

Welcome to Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy®. Our professional and courteous instructors have been trained not only to teach you how to ride but to help you get accustomed to the world of motorcycling.

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Pig Trail Harley-Davidson's Riding Academy® instructors have received the most comprehensive and thorough training in the business. As a New Rider Course student you will receive the most classroom and range time of any civilian program in the country. Class sizes are limited to 12 students. More one on one time in the classroom and on the riding range with our instructors means you'll graduate with the confidence you'll need to make your motorcycling adventure come true.

Harley-Davidson Street 500Every student will have the opportunity to train on the all-new Harley-Davidson Street 500 motorcycle, which offers course-friendly features. You'll learn how to ride from the best trained instructors, on the best maintained bikes and using the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's curriculum supplemented by materials and activities developed by Harley-Davidson.

Make this year the year you finally take that first important step into the exciting world of motorcycling, and learn how to ride from Pig Trail Harley-Davidson/Buell.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How long is the Riding Academy® New Rider Course?
    • A: 26 total hours including lunch and rest breaks.
       5 day classes: Thur & Fri: 6 - 9pm | Sat & Sun: 8am - 5pm | Mon: 6 - 8pm
       3 day classes: Monday - Wednesday: 8am - 5pm
  • Q: How much does it cost?
    • A: $300.00 per student.
  • Q: What do I need to participate?
    • A: Helmet, Long sleeve Jacket, Full fingered gloves, Over the ankle boots, Long pants and Eye protection
  • Q: Where are the classroom and riding range exercises held?
    • A: At the Pig Trail Harley-Davidson Dealership located at 2409 Hudson Road in Rogers.
  • Q: Will classes be taught when it's raining?
    • A: Yes, classes are taught rain or shine.
  • Q: Are the instructors Motorcycle Safety Foundation® (MSF) certified?
    • A: Yes, with 5 days additional training by Harley-Davidson.
  • Q: Do you provide motorcycles?
    • A: Yes, we provide new Harley-Davidson Street 500 motorcycles. They are 500cc and weigh less than 500 pounds. It's a great beginner bike.
  • Q: Do I get a lower insurance rate on my motorcycle by taking the class?
    • A: Most insurance companies do give a discount to a motorcyclist who has completed a motorcycle safety course. You should check with your insurance company to be sure this applies to you.
  • Q: Will I get my motorcycle license after completing the New Rider Course?
    • A: You will still need to take the written test at the Arkansas Dept. of Motor vehicles, but upon successful completion of the class, you will receive a certificate that waives the need to take the road test at the DMV.

Get more out of your ride

Take your riding to the next level with the Riding Academy Skilled Rider Course. Because the more you know about the road, the more it has to offer. There is a better rider in all of us - no matter how long you've been riding. It's time to get more out of the road, more out of the ride and more out of yourself.

Whether you're a recent graduate of a new rider course or a seasoned road veteran, the Riding Academy Skilled Rider Course is the perfect way to brush up on your riding technique and to challenge your current skill level.

The Class

The Skilled Rider Course is an 8 hour course held entirely on our range over one day. The Course the proven curriculum of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Experienced Rider Course Suite, with some enhancement developed by Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. Participants use their own motorcycles to enhance the following skills: control at low speeds, risk management, limited space maneuvers, cornering judgement, stopping quickly in a curve, swerving and stopping quickly, multiple curve manuevers and surmounting objects.


In addition to enhanced riding skills, students who complete the Rider's Edge Skilled Rider Course receive a pin and patch set as well as a completion card from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, which may qualify riders for insurance discounts (check with your insurance provider for more details).



The Riding Academy Skilled Rider Course at Pig Trail Harley-Davidson costs $125.00 per person. Payments can be made via cash, credit card or a check payable to Pig Trail Harley-Davidson. Payment must be made in-full upon registration. Contact our Riding Academy program manager at 479.636.9797, option 6 for more information or to register.

What you need

  • A street-ready motorcycle (registered, insured, inspected & pre-ride checked)
  • An endorsement, permit or license
  • Proof of valid motorcycle insurance
  • A helmet manufactured to US DOT standards
  • Protective eyewear
  • Motorcycling gloves
  • A long-sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Over-the-ankle boots
  • Jeans or motorcycling pants
  • A pre-paid course fee

Riding Academy® Instructors

Trey Hargus

Motorcycles have been in my family for many, many years. I began riding on my own when I was 5 years old. There are family pictures of me in diapers riding on the fuel tank holding onto the cross bar of a dirt bike. Not sure if Mom or Dad was the operator. Life has come a long ways since then. I now use a motorcycle for work. You may ask, what job allows you to work using a motorcycle. The answer is ? - Motor officer for the city of Fayetteville. I began this career in 1995 and became certified for motor patrol in 2000. The whole family rides and my father has a repair shop. Once motorcycling gets into your blood it becomes a part of your life forever. I encourage everyone who has an interest in motorcycling to get involved and give it a try. I always recommend a safety course. No matter what the outcome, you will be a much safer driver and more aware of motorcycles while on the roadways. Who knows, it may also get into your blood too.


I'm a life-long motorcycle enthusiast and enjoy riding all types of motorcycles. I became an instructor 10 years ago and the journey it has taken me on is the greatest. I have met amazing people and the role I played in their adventure of learning to ride has been great. Two years ago, the opportunity came along for me to join the team at Pig Trail Harley-Davidson. It has been a pleasure for the last ten years and I hope to be a part of your journey of learning to ride. The best is yet to come. Remember, the expert in anything was once the beginner.