2019 Street Glide Special

2019 Street Glide Special Motorcycle near Fort Smith Arkansas

The Milwaukee-Eight 107 is, it is true, a powerful engine. Despite a certain similarity, we notice as we approach that Harley-Davidson did a lot of work on its dimensions: refinement of the air filter despite the increase in displacement, a smaller primary transmission, and the appearance of these famous 4-valve cylinders. Its relative ease of handling is what makes this motorcycle so attractive when compared to its siblings, and it is a little different.

We are here in familiar territory: these machines identically embark on the first of the versions (entirely air-cooled, therefore) of the Milwaukee Eight and its 107 cubic inch version. A Harley-Davidson Street Glide 2019 test is more than just a moment spent on a bike like so many others. What we can see right away is that with this brand new block, Harley Davidson in no way denies its past, and power-assisted clutch relieves the left wrist when shifting through the 6-speed gearbox and reduces mechanical noise, and this is also on the agenda.

And for 2019, the evolutions are proving to be deeper than usual, with a new engine. It has a heavyweight that is immediately forgotten once the machine is in motion, and the Street combines rigor and agility with mastery. But buying this touring bike that has no trouble transporting a passenger in its current condition shows the victory of the look over its rivals, and it's still surprising.

You prepare a beautiful itinerary on the GPS, you put on the music for the atmosphere, you store your things in a dry place in the storage area that now opens with one hand, you can even search them while sitting on the saddle, and here we go for a nice walk. The weight is to the advantage of the Street (dry and with full tanks for the Glide), and I do not feel it. Finally, I should note that the brand's past issues have disappeared on these models.

Here too, the engine will not separate them: availability, lengthening, flexibility, and these are only good things. It's an iron hand in a velvet glove that sticks to the backrest with every shift. And on this point, the whole thing never remains challenging to place during braking or on damaged surfaces, and the new suspensions do a better job than before.

The coupled brake elements still do a good job - more torque, less vibration, and better suspensions that should satisfy Harley lovers. The performance is excellent, and the main thing is that it's consistent with the spirit on the handlebars and on this point, the Street Glide Special is a success. Fans were watching for it, Harley-Davidson did it: the American company has developed a new engine, called Milwaukee-Eight 107, which now equips its Touring range.

You may or may not like the headlight block, but it leaves no one indifferent. Yes, but it fits perfectly with the Street Glide too. Before your eyes, there is a powerful onboard computer with the latest popular features, such as mobile phone information display or GPS - as well as the playlist that goes with it.

On the other hand, this motorcycle, with its more full fairing, better protects the bust, while the bike rarely creates turbulence in the shoulders and elbows, which a driver does not feel to any significant degree. By eliminating many mechanical noises and remelting the engine, engineers were able to give the exhaust system a little more voice.

However, the Glide has an advantage over other models from the American manufacturer, which makes the whole thing lighter when maneuvering at low speeds. Any motorists who are following you will start talking about this new Street Glide from Harley-Davidson for 2019 because it is so gorgeous. The Street Glide is also a machine dedicated to driving even off of major roads.

Before being a driving pleasure, the new Street Glide from Harley-Davidson for 2019 is a pleasure for the touch and the eye. A ride on this motorcycle reveals its quality. The imposing Batwing fairing also undergoes some aesthetic modifications.

Capable of cruising peacefully on the highway, it can also easily exceed local speed limits. Finally, the Harley-Davidson organization has announced, with the Milwaukee Eight, that it has been working on the engine's heat emissions. Hence, the engine rarely gets too hot (certainly less than before), and even in summer, it is never noticeable on the engine.

More discreet mechanically, supplying more powerful, providing more torque, and offering more smoothness, this fabulous engine contributes incredibly to the driving pleasure offered by the Street Glide, and it is also is a real success. This fact is especially noticeable since the suspensions have also improved, and the braking supported and coupled by a well calibrated ABS is very useful, as long as you have adequately assimilated its instructions.