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2022 Harley-Davidson® Road King® in Rogers Arkansas

2022 Harley-Davidson® Road King® in Rogers Arkansas

Harley-Davidson® is the king of motorcycles, so it's not a surprise that they'd have a "king" in their lineup. The new 2022 Harley-Davidson® Road King® sports three highly-customizable paints: Midnight Crimson, Vivid Black, and Gauntlet Gray Metallic/Vivid Black. The windscreen rises up helpfully over the handlebars, but it's not an intrusively large windscreen that obscures a view. H-D® considers this one stripped down for your customization goals. Much more than that, the motorcycle has a kingly presence in its natural highway setting. You'll get a lot of compliments and questions from friends and curious onlookers when you pull up on a Road King®.

2022 Harley-Davidson® Road King® Features

The slick styling of the new 2022 Harley-Davidson® Road King® is a big hit in Rogers and Eureka Springs Arkansas. This model's classic chrome is found everywhere on the motorcycle, from its fork cartridge to its pipes. If you love a Grand American Touring that's bold, bright, and dutiful, the Road King® is an unbelievably bright choice near Tulsa Joplin Fort Smith.

Long-Range style

You know this one is a Grand American Touring just by its presence. It features full floorboards, saddlebags, and floorboards, all the things you need for a long journey. H-D® carefully places their "neo-classic" style touches all around, including the amazing Hiawatha LED headlamp that quickly becomes a signature of the bike's appearance. There's a functional purpose to the headlamp as well. It gives you a longer high beam for those dark nights on the highway.

Tame the Beast

The model's Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine is a V-twin design and sports a powerful kickoff and 111 ft-lb of torque. To temper this type of power, Harley-Davidson® has given the Road King® a rock solid frame that's able to respond to any road condition or rider input. It's stacked with big Brembo brakes for extra responsiveness and comes with standard anti-lock braking systems. Harley-Davidson® never gives you power without also giving you control. The Road King® is a beast on power and a beast on style, but it's always responsive to its owner. You'll find that it offers a powerful rumble with a gentle to control feeling to it. And with Slicer II cast aluminum wheels, it's going to look amazing while you're in control of it.

Room for All

Whether you want to bring a friend along or just stock your motorcycle with gear, you've got two features that make this easy to do. The passenger seat is lined with a beautifully crafted accent pattern, while the one-touch saddlebags are a cinch to open. When you take off for your next ride near Tulsa Joplin Fort Smith, you'll always have the confidence or company you need. Longer haul road trips require you to be away from home for awhile, so it's important to get a bike like the 2022 Road King® that can accommodate all the reminders of home you need.

Test Ride at Pig Trail Harley-Davidson®

The team at Pig Trail Harley-Davidson® is a strong advocate of the serious test ride. Your first ride on a bike is often a make or break moment that shows just how compatible it is with your preferred performance. Many people demand heaps of torque, while others are more concerned about the riding position or stance. Really picky riders must have everything perfectly laid out before they'll make a buy. It's the test ride that reveals the true nature of the motorcycle for a rider. Just reading a review isn't enough.

We love sharing information about bikes like the new 2022 Harley-Davidson® Road King® in Rogers. Our dealership near Tulsa Joplin Fort Smith will always have reviews and pictures of our inventory, but more than that, we want our customers to feel free to stop by for a long-range test ride. Spending just a few minutes with a bike is never enough. You can always depend on us to deliver a long-range test ride of any of our bikes in Rogers and Eureka Springs Arkansas. All it takes is a quick hello over the phone or an email message to let us know which model to have ready for you.

*This article is for informational purposes. Please contact the dealership for complete details.

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