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Joplin Area 2020 Harley-Davidson CVO Limited


If you want to drive an exceptional long-range touring bike that is designed with luxury and freedom in mind, the CVO Limited might be the best option for your situation. This bike comes in three different color options, and it is designed to help you get some incredible customization options. There are lots of places where you can add graphics, adjust components and tailor this bike to your whims. Get to know the 2020 Harley-Davidson CVO Limited near Joplin to discover all the ways you can customize your bike.

Rider Profile

The CVO Limited is the ideal bike for those who want a long-range option that gives you some of the very best luxury features that Harley-Davidson has to offer. You'll get an upright riding position, floorboards to place your feet and a passenger seat that comes with a backrest. The vehicle also has an optimal tail and saddlebags that will make it easier for you to carry along all of your gear. Get back on the road with the fork-mounted fairing that will make your drive smoother and more enjoyable. Contact Pig Trail Harley-Davidson to learn more about the 2020 Harley-Davidson CVO Limited.

Performance Feature

When it comes to performance features, you'll get the Milwaukee-Eight Twin-Cooled 117 engine. This is the most powerful V-Twin engine that has ever been offered from Harley-Davidson. This particular engine is only available on CVO models, and it features an accented Rocker Box Lowers with Blaze Red finish. There are also premium paint and finishes that are designed to give you a level of intricate quality that is simply unmatched in the motorcycle world. Another feature you are bound to love is the DayMaker Adaptive LED headlamp. This system is designed to give you a system that activates based on the lean of the bike. The result is better lighting around turns and into areas of the road that would normally go unnoticed. Explore the 2020 Harley-Davidson CVO Limited near Joplin to find out how this bike can help you get where you’re going with more power and speed.

Technology Features

The CVO Limited is the bike for people who want a one-of-a-kind touring experience. You're going to love the bold styling with premium painted and Tomahawk wheels. The infotainment system uses the Boom! Box GTS system so that you can stay in touch with friends and family during your rest stops along the way. The entire system is designed to help you get an incredible ride while focusing on the road ahead and enjoying an outstanding ride. The bike is one of the smoothest riding bikes on the road, and we think you're going to love the high-performance touring suspension. This system allows you to use the dual-bending valve front suspension and emulsion rear suspension to put you in total control of your ride.

Custom Options

There are several custom options that are built into the CVO Limited. The bike comes with a custom touring style that is designed to thrill you. You'll get custom seat covers and stitching. The vehicle comes with Tomahawk front 19-inch and rear 18-inch wheels. There are also Kahuna Collection components that you can select. When it comes to customizing this bike, there are countless options and you can talk with us about all of your needs. The system even comes with a wireless headset option that lets you make calls hands-free using the Bluetooth technologies and your phone. You'll also be able to listen to music and get navigation instructions while driving to ensure you get where you're going comfortably and on-time. Discover the 2020 Harley-Davidson CVO Limited near Joplin safety features to find out how this bike can help you get more accomplished.

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