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Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® vs Indian Chieftain

2021 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® vs 2022 Indian Chieftain

The 2021 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® is a model that's born to run on long stretches of highway, with the occasional detour to the scenic cities of your world. A 2022 Indian Chieftain is not made in the grand tradition of H-D®'s Grand American Touring bikes, so you'll see distinct differences between these two motorcycles. For example, there's going to be a huge technological difference between the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® vs 2022 Indian Chieftain. Torque's going to be more generous on the stronger bike. Pig Trail Harley-Davidson® peers into the soul of both of these motorcycles today, serving Rogers Eureka Springs Tulsa Joplin with a tidy view of both.


A quick glance at the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® vs 2022 Indian Chieftain comparison must begin where Harley-Davidson®'s heart always is: the powertrain. A Milwaukee-Eight® 107 V-twin engine kicks off the launch codes of your Street Glide® with an amazing 111 lb-ft of torque. The Chieftain's Thunderstroke 111 is air-cooled and a nice effort as well, but it only generates 108 lb-ft of torque. Extra torque makes all the difference in your takeoff at stop signs or red lights, so be sure you can get a better sprint to your next destination with the torque happier 2021 Street Glide®.


The 2021 Street Glide® is stripped down for your visual enjoyment. A 2022 Indian Chieftain keeps a sort of stripped down style as well, but it's bringing a bit less flair on style. Anyone who's ever looked at both bikes will tell you they just have a different personality. You can debate which one of these looks better all day, but the majority of people will choose what Harley-Davidson® is serving Rogers Eureka Springs Tulsa Joplin bikers. The iconic Batwing Fairing of the 2021 Street Glide® is preferable to the Chieftain.


The Chieftain has a more rustic physicality that doesn't necessarily lend itself to a comfortable ride. With the Street Glide®, you get a fashionable Batwing Fairing for protection against the wind and an iconic look. You also get connectivity in your BOOM! Box infotainment system that hooks you up to bluetooth calls and other entertainment while you're on the road. Grab some on the road headphones for a soundtrack to your ride every single time. The Chieftain has nothing like this feature and will also give you a more traditional stance that doesn't make it great for long stretches of road. You'll have a much more comfortable ride on the Street Glide®, too, thanks to its hand-adjustable rear shocks. Pick your destination and decide which kind of ride you're going to need to adjust for. This is only available on the popular Street Glide®.

Winner: 2021 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide®

The large and in charge 2021 Street Glide® comes in three iconic colors: Vivid Black, River Rock Gray, and Billiard Red. Its floorboards and upright riding position are ideal for highway riding and getting away from the bright lights and stress of the city. Touring the world in a Chieftain is going to be more difficult because it lacks the fairing and saddlebags that the Street Glide® brings to the table. If you want a better experience on long rides and a still comfortable ride into city stops, the Street Glide® is really the only bike you should consider between these two. Its iconic Grand American Touring style is preferable to the Chieftain's look in every way.

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We're back serving Rogers Eureka Springs Tulsa Joplin H-D® lovers for yet another successful year. Contact us if you'd like to know anything about the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide®. We're also happy to discuss a test ride of your favorite configuration of Street Glide®. This one's an all-around winner this year and determined to outdo the competition.

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